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  • I love gong to PPIR. Good people and good fun. Bob and the team always keep events safe but interesting. 
    Braxton Booker
    United States Soldier
  • Every time we're there, we have an amazing time. Thank you!
    David Kint
  • Always fun!!! Friendly people always working and helping people out!!!
    Kaylene M. Rood
  • Professionally run, focused efforts on bringing safe, organized grassroots racing to the area. 
    Joseph F. Somosky
  • Great track! Well maintained and the staff and owner are great and always there to give a helping hand in any way they can, from coaching your driving to helping change tires. Love this place. Thanks for all the great times and teachings! 
    Jason Torrent
  • Awesome place for awesome times. I travel all the way from Fort Collins to make it here. 
    Paul Langlois

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16650 Midway Ranch Road Fountain, CO 80817.

Phone: 719.382.7223
Fax: 719.382.9180

Email: information@ppir.com