Pikes Peak International Raceway


Pikes Peak International Raceway ("PPIR") is a premier, participant-based motorsports facility located just minutes from Colorado Springs and less than two-hours flying time from nearly two-thirds of the U.S. population. PPIR, the "Exhilaration Destination", is the hub for all things automotive and the place to push the envelope on your motorsports expectations.

PPIR reopened in 2008 after being purchased by business partners John Molloy, Guy Kathe and Bob Brockway. The Owner's goal is to create a motorsports community that encompasses all aspects that appeal to the motorsports industry.

Steeped in tradition, PPIR is using its distinguished motorsports pedigree as a springboard to become something more.  PPIR's Exhilaration Destination encompasses many different driving experiences, race schools and a welcome environment for businesses in the motorsports community. Plans are also in the works for new road courses, racecar storage and private trackside garages.