Pikes Peak International Raceway

Climate and Elevation

You won't find a better climate for motorsports than in Southeastern Colorado.

Spring, summer and fall are all ideal seasons to hit the track. Even in the midst of summer, July's average highs are just 85 degrees. In spring and fall daytime temperatures generally are in the lower 60s and upper 50s " ideal temperatures for high performance engines. Sure, we have snow in the winter, but with our air humidity the snow melts almost as fast as it hits the ground. Since PPIR sits in the rain and snow shadow of Pikes Peak, the track gets less measured rain and snow than what Colorado Springs records. Also, the low humidity causes the track surfaces to dry quickly, so racing is rarely hampered even when the temperatures are crisp or even downright cold.


  • Sunny days - 300 days a year average
  • Inches of rain - 17.4 inches a year average

Average Temperatures

  • Winter: 43.2oF/6.2oC
  • Spring: 59.7oF/15.4oC
  • Summer: 81.7oF/27.6oC
  • Fall: 62.4oF/16.9oC
  • Annual Temp. Average: 61.8oF/16.6oC


  • PPIR elevation at Oval: 5,357 feet above sea level/1632.813 meters
  • Colorado Springs: 6,035 feet above sea level/1839.468 meters
  • Pikes Peak: 14,110 feet above sea level/4300.728 meters