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RMVR Drivers' School

2016 Drivers’ School

April 23, 2016 – April 24, 2016

Chief Driving Instructor: Joe Bunton, driving-instructor@rmvr.com, 970-420-8785
Assistant Driving Instructor: Pete Myers, petemyers15@yahoo.com
Event Chair: Jeff Payne, payne4real@comcast.net, 303-912-3372

Have you ever thought about being a race driver? Of course you have!

Fun with cars! Even more fun with vintage race cars driven hard on real race tracks! What could be better? Perhaps you’ve been to the dragstrip and waited and waited for a few seconds of fun. This is nothing like that! We actually get to drive hard and work up a sweat! After a day of practice, qualifying, and racing with RMVR you are worked! Do it for two days in a row and you’re spent! Road racing is physical, it’s challenging, it’s mentally exhausting, it has an element of danger involved and it’s the most fun you can imagine!

If you take this course you will become an addict!

No joke, once you start road racing you will become obsessed with the need for speed. It will occupy your thoughts year round! You will spend time that could be used mowing the lawn or painting your dining room trying to shave another pound off the car or eke another horsepower out of the engine. It’s a sickness for sure, but none of us wants to get well!

If this kind of party appeals to you, please join us for the 2016 RMVR Drivers’ School at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Hang out with like-minded people and enjoy a fun fast-paced weekend. Make new friends, see (and touch) some really cool cars and acquire the skills to make you proficient in a racing environment! The cost is only $350 ($300 if you sign up early).

The school is offered only once each year. For 2016 we are back at PPIR, which is a fabulous teaching facility with nice classrooms, indoor plumbing and garages. The school runs all day Saturday and Sunday with an optional Friday afternoon move-in, tech inspection and an evening “meet and greet”. The track is also available for lapping on Friday prior to the school at the regular PPIR rate of $150. There are even Scholarship & Mentoring Programs available.

We will offer two courses. The Precision course is designed for the enthusiast who owns a performance car and has the desire to use it as it was intended while improving situational awareness and car control for everyday driving. As an added incentive, the club will include a one-year RMVR membership with the cost for the Precision school. This allows those students to come out and drive at any RMVR event which includes a precision run group.

The Competition course is intended for the driver who has a vintage race car and ultimately wants to obtain a full competition license and compete with RMVR and other organizations. Both courses cover similar material but the competition students will focus more on wheel-to-wheel race driving and they will compete in an actual student/instructor race at the end of the weekend. Successful completion of the competition course will result in the issuance of a provisional license.

We also plan to have a skidpad, a threshold braking lane and possibly an autocross course during the weekend. Watch for more details.

Coffee, doughnuts, and lunch both days are included in your registration fee. RMVR also hosts a Saturday evening dinner and social at the track. It is a great time to share stories with the other drivers and instructors.

For those planning to stay in Colorado Springs, RMVR has arranged a special room rate at the Hotel Eleganté just a few miles up the road.

The weekend will surely prove to be memorable! You will learn about everything from track etiquette to race car preparation and car control. Each group will get approximately eight classroom and eight track sessions. Each student will have a personal instructor from the ranks of the RMVR membership. There may even be guest appearances by real live professionals! It’s going to be a lot of fun! Read on for more details.

Competition School

This program is intended for those who already have (or who will be purchasing) an eligible vintage race car and who are seeking a full Competition License to regularly race with RMVR.

During this two day school, you will participate in approximately 8 classroom sessions and 8 on-track sessions where you will:

      - Learn to exercise precise and expert car control
      - Get specific instruction from a team of expert driving instructors
      - Learn about vintage racing and the vintage racing ethic
      - Share in the joy of racing in a safe environment
      - Participate in the Sunday afternoon student race
      - Receive a provisional racing license

By the end of the weekend, you will be equipped to safely and confidently drive on track in a racing environment.

Precision School

Perhaps you are not currently ready to buy a vintage race car, but you want a quality track experience. You want to gain track skills and see if you like it. Participate in our Precision Drivers’ School using your own street car!

During this two day school you will participate in approximately 8 classroom sessions and 8 on-track sessions where you will:

      - Receive specific instruction targeted to Precision students
      - Learn to exercise precise and expert car control
      - Get specific instruction from a team of expert driving instructors
      - Learn about driving the PPIR track
      - Share in the joy of racing in a safe environment (there is no wheel to wheel competition in the Precision School, but safe passing is allowed)

By the end of the weekend, you will be equipped to safely and confidently drive on track and at speed.

Please download and print out some copies of the Drivers’ School brochure to hand out to friends and other auto enthusiasts. Why not put one on the windshield of that Viper in the parking lot?

Drivers’ School brochure

This is your chance! Do it now!

Tentative Weekend Schedule

Friday April 22nd:

      - Tech inspection
      - Registration check-in
      - Optional Friday afternoon skid pad sessions
      - Optional early evening welcome session and brief classroom discussion

Saturday April 23rd:

      - Tech inspection
      - Registration check-in
      - Introductory remarks
      - Classroom and track sessions
      - Saturday evening social hour

Sunday April 24th:

      - Classroom and track sessions
      - Afternoon Competition group race
      - Graduation and closing remarks

A detailed weekend agenda will be included in your registration packet.

Event Registration:

Please complete the forms in the information packet and mail them, together with a check, to the address shown. Click on the links below for the appropriate forms. Please note that competition students will also need a medical exam. Yes, there’s a form for that too! Take advantage of the early bird discount! Get your entry in soon. Space will fill up! Due to the scheduling required for the instructors and facility we cannot accept late entries to the drivers’ school. The deadline for registration is April 13th, 2016.

      - Competition School information/registration packet
      - Precision School information/registration packet
      - Mentor Program application

Additional questions? Looking for more information? Check out the Drivers’ School FAQ or contact the Chief Driving Instructor Joe Bunton at driving-instructor@rmvr.com or 970-420-8785.

Lodging Options

Hotel Eleganté Conference & Event Center in Colorado Springs is offering a special rate for Drivers’ School attendees. Download details of this offer.

RMVR Scholarship & Mentoring Programs

Even if you don’t currently own a race car, RMVR offers several Scholarship & Mentoring Programs for Drivers’ school and for the season.

Contact PPIR

16650 Midway Ranch Road Fountain, CO 80817.

Phone: 719.382.7223
Fax: 719.382.9180