PPIR Drag Days: June 5

Arm drop 1/8 mile Drag Racing

June 5 PPIR Drag Day: Arm drop 1/8 mile Drag Racing

The first 2016 PPIR Drag Day is June 5!

PPIR Drag Days feature hand-drop style, straight up, grudge match drag races on a 1/8th mile drag strip. PPIR’s unique pit-lane drag strip allows for full acceleration straight down the strip and upon crossing the finish line the deceleration area blends right onto the 1-mile banked oval. PPIR Drag Days are non-competition events and are solely intended to be for fun. 


Gate: 7:30am - 5:00pm

Track Hot: 9:00am - 4:00pm


$40 Drivers

$10 Spectators

No Passengers


All 4-wheeled street cars are welcome to participate and most modified 4-wheel production cars will be allowed. Vehicles NOT eligible to participate include, but are not limited to; rail cars, funny cars, go-karts, motorcycles, scooters, 3-wheel vehicles, side-by-sides, buggies, and off-road vehicles.  The eligibility of a vehicle to participate is ultimately at the discretion of PPIR. Other vehicles that may not be allowed on track are older cars with inadequate brake systems (drum brakes) and/or safety features.  If you are uncertain whether your vehicle will qualify to participate, please consult the PPIR Track Manager (jared@ppir.com).

PPIR reserves the right to not allow any vehicle to participate for any reason. If a vehicle is highly modified for speed purposes (increased horse-power and torque well beyond factory capability) and lacks equivalent safety modifications (roll protection, racing seat, racing safety harness) it is possible that the vehicle will not be allowed to participate.

¨      Drivers must be 16 years of age or older. Any minor (16 or 17) must have a minor’s release with PPIR executed.

¨      Passengers are not allowed.

¨      All drivers must be wearing a helmet that is DOT rated or better (helmet rentals are available).

¨      Drivers must keep limbs and body inside of the car at all times when on course (no arms out of the windows).



All vehicles must fill out a self-technical inspection form and turn into PPIR staff prior to entering the racing surface.  It is the responsibility of each individual to make certain that his or her vehicle is track worthy.  PPIR reserves the right to not allow any vehicle on track which it deems to be unsafe or unsuited for track driving. The following items should be thoroughly inspected/set before arriving to the raceway:


ü  Tires (good tread depth, sidewalls clear of damage, valve stems, etc.) 200+ treadwear

ü  Tire pressures are properly set (refer to vehicle manufacturer settings)

ü  All lug nuts are present and torque is set (refer manufacturer specifications)

ü  Hubcaps and trimmings (if not secured by lug nuts) are removed from vehicle

ü  No play in wheel bearings

ü  Minimal play in steering linkage

ü  Brake system in good condition (pads, rotors, lines, etc.)

ü  Fluid levels are set (Engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering, coolant, brake fluid, etc.)

ü  No fluid leaks from the vehicle of any kind

ü  DOT or better helmet

ü  Vehicle is free of loose items (including the trunk)

ü  Battery is properly secured

ü  No exposed electrical wires

ü  Hoses and lines are securely fastened and routed properly and safely

ü  Fully functional seat belts in good condition (factory stock or better required)

ü  Vehicle interior / exterior must be free and clear of sharp exposed edges

ü  Wheel weights must be taped



¨      There shall be no tire warming or burnouts performed outside of the dedicated burn out boxes at the beginning of the drag strip.

¨      Staging lanes will run in a consistent order throughout the event to help allow for equal runs per driver through the duration of the event.

¨      Run count will be recorded on a sticker placed on the windshield of each vehicle by a PPIR staff member.

¨      A specific staging lane will be setup for grudge match races.

¨      A specific staging lane will be setup for multi-driver cars in order for the drivers to switch and take another run with the car.

¨      Paddock and road speed limit on all PPIR property is 10mph.

¨      1-mile oval or road course return road speed limit is 30mph (this will help cool down the car).

¨      All drivers must begin to slow down upon crossing the dedicated finish line of the drag strip. Drivers shall not continue to accelerate past the finish line in the deceleration area.

¨      All persons to be found violating any speed limit rules will be subject to ejection from the event without warning.

¨      All Track Rules and Regulations are enforceable, please see the Track Rules and Regulations here.

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