February 19 time attack and open drift
Time attack practice on the Optima course and open drift

Time attack practice on the Optima course and open drift

This is a for-fun series of events and all skill levels are welcome! You do not need to be competing for points to participate. Beginners are encouraged to come and try it out for the first time. Helmets are available for rent for those that don't yet have their own. Scroll down for course descriptions and maps!


$50 per Time Attack Driver 

$40 per Open Drift Driver
$20 Buddy Band (passenger)

$10 Spectators 


7:30 AM                         Gates Open/Tech Inspection

8:45 AM                         Driver's Meetings

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM       Time Attack Practice on Infield Road Course and Open Drifting 

5:00 PM                         Gates Close

Visit the Time Attack & Drift Series page for all the details on eligibility, the full season schedule, rules and regulations, tech requirements, and more. 

All Time Attack & Drift events are weather dependent. Please CHECK THIS PAGE prior to the event in case of event cancellation or rescheduling due to unsafe conditions. 

All PPIR Track Rules and Regulations apply to all Time Attack & Drift events, and anyone found to violate these rules may be disqualified from the event or series and ejected from the premises. All PPIR Track Rules and Regulations also apply to the Drift Colorado Ltd. Competition events.

Time Attack Course:
The Time Attack course for February 19th will feature a design very similar to the setup used at the 2016 Optima's Search for the Ultimate Street Car. 

Drift Course:
The Open Drift Course will feature 2 areas: a high speed section with drifting on the banking of the oval and a low speed course area as well.


A few quick tips to make sure your day at PPIR goes smoothly:

* Make sure to read through the tech inspection card to ensure that your car and your helmet are ready to go for the day. If anything is found to not meet the requirements, you will not be able to drive!

* Check your tires after every run. If a tire blows-out during a run it is possible to damage your car in numerous ways, if you see chords it's time to switch out wheels/tires.

* Use the donut box to sharpen your car control skills throughout the day.

Contact PPIR

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Phone: 719.382.7223
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