Pikes Peak International Raceway

Pettiford's GO 4 IT Racing Schools


In 1985, Michael Pettiford started GO 4 IT Racing Schools, because he was not satisfied with the quality of the programs available through regular schools. With the mission of being the best in quality private instruction for cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, and buses. To take safety and performance to a higher standard, and teach the techniques that the top drivers in the nation are doing. To actually teach people the sequence, step by step, that would allow them to be better prepared for emergencies, and avoid all accidents. Over the years, Michael has been successful at racing cars, motorcycles, trucks, and ATVs, and have designed program governed by the laws of physics, not merely what is required by law as a minimum standard.

Pettiford's GO 4 IT Racing Schools offer the following programs:

State Certified Testing:

This is the road test that allows you to get your drivers license, or motorcycle endorsement.

SuperSafety Street Courses:

Learn the 4 types of braking, 3 configurations of steering, advanced awareness techniques, and the 7 elements of SuperSafety that can help you minimize your risk on the road. This qualifies as the behind the wheel training necessary to get your drivers license. Car, Motorcycle, Truck, RV, and Busses.

SuperSafety Track Courses:

This course allows you to become more familiar with the acceleration, braking, and cornering limits of your vehicle without the competition element, so that in an emergency you will be better prepared. 1/2 day - 11 day Car and Motorcycle.

Roadracing Courses:

Learn some of the best ways to be a competitive roadracer in a short period of time. We are a SCCA Regional and National Roadracing License Issuing School. The Courses are also approved by NASA, RMVR, and MRA. 1 day-11 day Car and Motorcycle.

SuperSafety Seminars:

A wide variety of topics are available for your Club, Group, or Business.

Corporate Events:

Having an activity on the track will be one of the most exciting activities for your small, medium, or large group. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be done.


Racecar Rides:

Laps at speed with a professional driver, on the racetrack.

For more information about Pettiford's GO 4 IT Racing Schools, please visit their website: www.go4itservices.com or call their office number 303.666.4113.