Open Lapping

Open Lapping

Open Lapping is available on select weekdays through the year depending on the raceway's event and maintenance schedule. To check on availability please contact the Track Manager, Jared Thompson at 719.382.7223 or email jared@ppir.com. Open Lapping is $100 per hour with a 2-hour minimum per driver.  Up to 7 drivers may meet a $1,000 minimum for a full day of open lapping.   

Open Lapping is also offered during all Performance Driving Xperience programs at PPIR for only $149 per driver. (open lapping drivers in PDX will be placed in the PDX1 open run group and get the majority of the track time through the day). Drivers can register for Open Lapping days or PDX by calling the Track Manager, Jared Thompson, at 719.382.7223 or emailing jared@ppir.com.  For scheduled PDX track days please see our calendar.

There is NO open lapping available for karts or motorcycles. 


  • Anyone who possesses a current racing license from a recognized organization; such as, NASA, SCCA, RMVR, etc., or anyone who has graduated to the PDX1 level through the PPIR Performance Driving Xperience training program, is eligible to participate in Open Lapping Days. 
  • Drivers holding an expired competition racing license, drivers who have completed a multiple day racing school with a recognized racing school organization, or drivers who have a significant amount of track day driving history may be approved by the Track Manager on an individual basis to participate in Open Lapping or the PDX1 run group on a PDX program day.
  • Individuals interested in getting on track that do not meet the above eligibility criteria for participation may enroll in the PDX3 program at PPIR. Check the PPIR calendar for upcoming PDX program dates. 
  • Gates typically open at 8:30am, and the available hot track is hot from hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm. Check with the Track Manager for exact time-frame of your discussed available date.
  • Gates will be closed at 5 pm. 
  • All persons (drivers, crew, and observers) must sign the PPIR waiver form and pay prior to entering the track
  • Pikes Peak International Raceway will not inspect vehicles prior to entering the racing surface--It is the responsibility of each individual to make certain that his or her vehicle is track worthy. Any vehicle that is found to be leaking fluids, or found to be unfit for track use for any reason, will be removed from the track.* 
  • Anyone that enters the racing surface must be wearing a helmet (PPIR does NOT provide helmets). Helmets must be rated SNELL SA 2000 or better.  
  • Instructors may be available for one-on-one driver coaching during Open Lapping Days. PPIR Instructors are not required to ride on the passenger seat of your car. PPIR Instructors use 2 way radios to communicate with the driver and will observe the driver from corner stations around the track. Instructors may be arranged for your Open Lapping Day by calling the Track Manager at 719.382.7223 or email jared@ppir.com. See rates below.
  • Any licensed racing drivers under 18 will be assessed by the Track Manager on a case by case basis.  A parent or guardian must be present to sign a minor waiver, or a notarized minor waiver must be presented.

Track management reserves the right to remove any individual from the track for any reason. Reasons may include; contact with another vehicle, overly aggressive driving or any behavior that is deemed to be unsafe or unsportsmanlike. Only like vehicles will be allowed on the racing surface together. The track marshal will assign the run groups each day as required in order to maximize safety and track time. There will be no competition activities allowed on open lapping days. 

  • $100 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.
  • Up to 7 drivers may coordinate a full day of open lapping for $1,000.
  • Instructor Rates: $275 half day / $425 full day  
There will be NO food and beverage service or GASOLINE for sale on open lapping days, please plan accordingly. 
Ice is available for sale upon request. 
No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on premises. 
Restrooms and showers will be open and available until 4:30pm.

*No refunds will be given in the event of rain, leaking fluids, removal from track due to unsportsmanlike, unsafe conduct or aggressive driving, or anything else that PPIR deems a danger to the track and/or those around the track.

Contact PPIR

16650 Midway Ranch Road Fountain, CO 80817.

Phone: 719.382.7223
Fax: 719.382.9180